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Posted Jun 7th, 2017

Could Half of the Pacific Ocean’s Trash Get Picked Up by 2023?

  We know there are floating islands made entirely of trash lurking in the ocean, leaking poison and plastics that kill fish unfortunate enough to swim too close. It’s thankfully time to update that knowledge

Posted Apr 7th, 2017

4 Ways Employee Background Checks Reduce Risk in Choosing a Data Destruction Company

Does your business have $4 million it can spare if your data is lost or stolen? That’s the average total cost of a data breach in 2015, coming in at $158 for each piece of

Posted Mar 22nd, 2017

Let’s Talk About America’s Electronic Waste Problem

Americans and their businesses wait for days, stand in long lines, and spend millions of dollars on new equipment every year, tossing out older models to make room. Normally we discuss the security issue that

Posted Apr 6th, 2016

Great Video on E-Waste Not being Recycled Correctly

We came across this powerful story that serves as another powerful reminder on why we should care about what happens to our old electronic equipment. Just outside of Ghana’s largest city is a toxic slum

Posted Apr 4th, 2016

2015 Broke Previous Record for Number of Data Breaches

According to the Data Breach QuickView report by Risk Based Security, 2015 broke the previous all-time record, set in 2012, for the number of data breach incidents. Three of the 2015 breaches fall on the